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The Four Walls of a Christian Home – Wall 4 “Purity”

November 18, 2013

The final wall in Tuggy’s article is that of purity. He describes this wall using the “put off…put on” analogy that Paul uses in Colossians. Clearly he wrote in a time before the home computer because his illustrations had very little relevance to today.

Today it’s difficult to keep moral filthiness out of our homes. It comes in via so many streams of media. The first principle is content filtering. One thing I will say about this is not having the appropriate filters on your modem and devices is the functional equivalent of saying “yes” to internet filthiness in your home.

Another principle for parents today is participation! If your kids are on social media then you don’t have the luxury of not being on social media. You don’t have the luxury of ignorance to things like SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If your kids participate in social media…so do you!

The final principle is understanding law and grace! Set boundaries, hold fast to them, enforce discipline, use it to shape and mold your children, but also use and enforce grace in the home. Your kids will mess up because they are your kids, they are the product of two sinners! There are times to drop the hammer, but dropping the hammer all the time doesn’t teach them anything about the grace of God. My biggest struggle is grace, I tend to be long on law and short on grace, when it should be the other way around.

Jesus showed us an immense amount of grace on the cross. Some will say Jesus wasn’t about rules. If that’s the case then the Jesus of the the Gospels is double minded because I read things like “love the Lord your God….and Love your neighbor as yourself”,”…make disciples of all nations…,” and “love your enemies” among others are commands that Jesus gives. Those are expectations that Jesus sets on us, and they really aren’t easy! But they are easier than what the law and the world offers!

It’s not that God isn’t measuring us, it’s that none of us measure up. It’s not that I am advocating or excusing failing, the truth is we have already failed. Thus, our need for grace!

A little theology, a little practicality! Go build your home!

Lead with Love,

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