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The Four Walls of a Christian Home – Wall 2 “Respect”

November 4, 2013

The eye that mocks a father
and scorns to obey a mother
will be picked out by the ravens of the valley
and eaten by the vultures. (Proverbs 30:17, ESV)

This is a tough word picture. I know I have mocked my father (at least in my head, maybe not to his face) and I have scorned to obey my mother, but I have never had my eyes plucked out by ravens or vultures. Does that make me quit believing the Bible? Certainly not!

The word picture is enough to help me to understand how God feels about respect. Respect is something that our culture views as being a right rather than a privilege, something that is expected, not earned.

I had a friend whose children used to call me “Mr”. I used to tell them “Mr.” was my father, and they could call me David. One day my friend took me to lunch and he said, I understand what you are doing with my kids, but I am trying to teach them to respect their elders and that starts with you, so please let them call you “Mr”. I heard him that day, and now I try to instill that same respect in my kids for others, but it isn’t easy and they don’t always get it right.

And when they don’t get it right I simply remind them at bedtime that the vultures will pluck their eyes out if they don’t obey me. I am kidding, I don’t really do that! Although, I do remind them that all of us are subject to authorities that God has set in our lives, whether it be parents, teachers, supervisors or government officials and while all of them may not have earned our respect, they deserve it because God has put them in authority. They would not be where they are without the hand of God in their lives, whether they believe it or not!

Take some time this week and talk with your kids or grandkids about respect. See what happens!

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