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The Four Walls of a Christian Home – Wall 1 “Reverence”

October 28, 2013

In my last post I wrote about a book I found in my grandparents old things. The title of the book is Guidelines for Christian Parents. The book is a compilation of various articles and broadcasts from Back to The Bible Radio. The one I will spend the next four sessions on is by Harold Tuggy who was a missionary to Venezuela in the 20’s.

The first wall he talks about in his article is that of reverence. He uses the Third Commandment “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain” as the basis for this wall. What’s in a name? Well, we know from the Old Testament and other Jewish literature that for the Jew, everything was in a name, it captured the essence of who you are and captured the essence of what was going on in your family at the time of your birth. It’s no surprise that God’s names have deep meaning as well, they capture all of who He is and what He desires.

Reverence is a discipline that has definitely lost traction in our culture. It could be due to any number of symptoms, but one particular one sticks out to me. It takes time to be reverent. Reverence has been outmoded by quick prayers at dinner time, and shortened devotional readings. If we are to revere His name and His name describes His whole being and what He desires, then I am sure it isn’t a stretch to say that reverence for God’s name carries a bigger idea than just honoring God’s title.

After reading this article from 50 years ago, it has made me realize that even in my own family maybe we take our devotional times too lightly, we blow through them all too quickly and the frequency of them is probably all too low. Maybe utilizing books with titles such as “Devotions for the Busy Family” speaks far too much to the negative than the positive (although I do believe we should keep the cookies as low as possible for our little ones). Is Jesus something I fit into my busy schedule or does He get the first fruits of my time, my talents and my treasure? Is the fast pace of my life causing me to put aside revering the name of God?  Answer those questions honestly!

The next wall will be about respect for parents and elders.

Lead with Love,

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