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The Empty Chair

July 9, 2013

No, I am not talking about Clint Eastwood’s speech at last year’s RNC.  I am talking about culture change!

Changing the culture of your group to include newcomers is often difficult but there are things you can do to help turn the ship around. One of the things I have tried before (not new with me) and my group has modified from time to time is the “empty chair” visual.

ImageThe idea is you take an empty chair and place the chair somewhere in your “circle” while you are participating in the study. Let your group know that this chair represents someone who needs to come to this group, someone in their sphere of influence. Reminding the group that this is not a “closed” group, rather an inviting place.

My group has modified this to writing names of people who they could invite and putting those names on a chair, one time another group member led and he had the group exchange cards and we prayed for each others name.

Steering the ship is a lot of work and takes the whole crew to turn it safely. Always be clear with the expectations!


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