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A Small Day

June 30, 2013

At midnight last night as I was laying in my bed after a day with back to back events. I reminded my wife of former days when my oldest son would say, “Dad, this was a small day.” He coined that phrase after hearing my wife and I say “tomorrow’s going to be a big day, lots to do.” So on the days that there wasn’t much to do he would remind us that it was a ‘small day.’

We need more “small days” in our culture. With all the time saving wasters that technology and progress have birthed us, we always seem to have less time to do more stuff. The relationships in our culture are suffering because we don’t have time time to put into them. And it’s not just our friendships suffering, it’s relationships inside the home that are suffering because we run marathons until bedtime and then slump into bed without interacting in any meaningful way as a family. We constantly continue to program quality family time into our lives to make up for poor use of time and we forget that quality time flows from quantity of time.

Having a ‘small day’ in this culture might mean not doing something or saying ‘no’ to something good to say ‘yes’ to something better. Give it a try and I think you will find big rewards.

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