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The Obedience of King Saul

January 16, 2013

I have been reading through 1 Samuel for our men’s Bible study on Wednesday mornings. I was thinking about 1 Samuel 15. In particular how King Saul was asked by God to perform a given task of wiping out a neighboring enemy. It was a pretty cut and dry assignment, remove the Amalekites from the face of the earth because they defied God by mistreating Israel during their sojourn.

Saul did as God asked, but spared King Agag (the Amalekite king) and some of the choice animals. He came back to camp and Samuel was waiting for him. He disobeyed by not devoting things to destruction as God commanded. He then rebelled by sparing and taking captive the king. Finally, he presumed that God would accept his disobedience by offering sacrifices to him from the spoils. God’s response through Samuel touched on all of these.

1. Obedience is better than sacrifice (God’s commands are to be obeyed)
2. Rebellion is as the sin of divination (God is not a genie in a lamp)
3. Presumption is as iniquity and idolatry. (God is not bought off like the false gods of the day)

After reading this I am drawn to take a hard look at what I am doing. What part of God’s Word am I not obeying? What part do I give the outward appearance of obedience and then presume upon God’s grace to me? These are some great things to wrestle with! Go and wrestle!!!

Lead with Love,


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