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Folded Hands and Closed Eyes

October 11, 2012

My son asked me the other day, “Dad, why do we close our eyes and fold our hands when we pray?” To tell you the truth I didn’t have a decent answer for him that was Gospel centered and not rooted in traditional legalism!

He cited examples in my own prayer life where I have prayed while driving, and the example that I don’t always close my eyes when we kneel beside the bed at night…kids are unbelievable inconsistency detectors!

The more I think about this question and without researching when the tradition started that we close our eyes and fold our hands, the answer I will give my son is “because of distractions.”

This world is filled with distractions, if we can close our eyes and blind ourselves to the LCD screens and countless visual distractions around us and fold our hands to keep them from texting, social networking, and blogging then maybe we can sit still enough to actually hear from God.

Lead with Love,

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