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October 1, 2012

Matt Perman (@mattperman) 9/25/12, 3:21 PM
One of the chief tasks of a leader is to give words to what people already feel and know.

Mark Driscoll (@PastorMark) 9/27/12, 10:22 AM
Everything the Father forbids is for our good. If we remember that when tempted, obedience is a joy.

Mark Batterson (@MarkBatterson) 9/27/12, 10:23 AM
your biggest mistakes as parents double as your greatest opportunities. you get to model how to say sorry!

Thom Rainer (@ThomRainer) 9/25/12, 4:03 PM
People stick with a church when they get involved with a small group.

Steve Gladen (@SteveGladen) 9/25/12, 5:55 PM I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized I am somebody! #leadership

Ryan Huguley (@RyanHuguley) 9/24/12, 4:30 PM
If your sermon offends NO ONE, you’re not preaching like Jesus. If your sermon offends EVERYONE, you may just be a jerk.


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