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High-Tech, Low-Touch

April 19, 2012

I just received my first iPad.  I am behind by a few years when it comes to technology, in fact I still have a flip-phone.  My  common battle cry is “I like to live in a utopia where I am smarter than my phone.”  I am not sure I’m there, even now.  My iPad can do some pretty cool things, there is an app for combining all of my “social media” into one location.  It can keep my kids entertained.  It can keep me entertained if I’m not careful.

We live in such a high-tech world and my generation in particular seems to be caught in the middle.  The average age of a video game user according to is 37 years old (I can’t begin to reveal the wrenching pain in my stomach at that fact), really, 37?  The fact of the matter is the higher tech we get it seems the lower touch we get.  Personal relationships are now defined by “who friended me” or “who follows me.”  I am not attacking social media, I find it helpful, it keeps me connected with people I probably wouldn’t have kept in touch with, but only connected on the surface.

As Community Group, ABF and church leaders we must counter this lack of touch with a great amount of enthusiasm.  The answer isn’t in smashing the screens of our smart phones, or dropping our tablets on concrete.  The answer does have several practical components:

1)  Self Control-find the control to turn it off when it needs to be turned off.

2)  Time-the most expensive commodity on the planet, make time for real relationships inside a community.

3)  Relating vs. connecting-use technology to connect, not relate.

We are designed for community, the Triune God lives in community together and we are created in His image.  Like the old adage “Technology is great, except when it quits working. ”  When it comes to building relationships our high-technology world has made us quit working on relationships, we need a high-touch solution!

Lead with Love,


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