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February 6, 2012

This isn’t a word we like to use, spell, or say in our culture.  We often use it to define what Jesus did on the cross for remission of our sins, but often fail to apply the word to our own life.  When I think of the word sacrifice my mind always goes to 2 Chronicles 21, the story of David’s sin in numbering the people.  At the end, David is making an offering to the Lord on the future site of the Temple and when offered the bull and the grain for the offering for free he replies “…I will not sacrifice for the Lord my God burnt offerings which have cost me nothing.”

In essence David was saying, if this doesn’t hurt, it’s not a sacrifice.  Sacrificing is painful, it hurts.  When the Jews sacrificed animals they were always the best of the flock, the perfect ones.  If you didn’t grow up on or around a farm, that means you are sacrificing some serious future money, that animal could be worth a fortune in breeding opportunities because of its flawlessness.  So often we trivialize sacrifice, I am certainly guilty of it, I have claimed worthless things such as watching less TV and using less social media as sacrifice.  I am here to tell you, while those may be good endeavors, those are not sacrifices, they cost me nothing!

We all too often point fingers and say things such as “I give more than him in ______ (name your commodity).”  And if we don’t do it in public, we do it behind closed doors.  This topic is bigger than money, it’s more than time, it encompasses everything.  It takes some serious self-confrontation to be able to ask ourselves the hard questions.    But can we honestly ask ourselves, “Am I claiming as a sacrifice for the Lord my God that which costs me nothing?”  If that question hurts (and I have yet to find a time when it didn’t), then I think you know the answer!

Lead with Love,



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