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January 9, 2012

What do you do when people don’t come to your group?  I have read countless articles and books on how to “attract” people to groups and retain them.  These options include everything from a dunk tank to a dog and pony show.  Many of us have groups or have had groups in the past where we are lucky to get half of the people on the roster to show up to the meeting.  What can be done without employing unconventional means?

The short answer is-A LOT!  I have narrowed them down to four basic principles L-E-A-D:

1.  Life.  Your group members will not find a better alternative if your group IS the better alternative.  Don’t just “do” small group, have fun with each other, have a small group date night or watch a ball game with your group.  Celebrate lesser known holidays just for fun!

2.  Encouragement.   Be the “encourager”!   Take the time to actually say things that encourage.

3.  Acknowledge.  Make sure you thank people for coming and being there and making it a priority.  Remember, they could have adjusted their priorities in a different direction.

4.  Deliver.  Your time in the Word must be helpful and applicable to life in your culture.  The Bible is a wonderful book that is supra-cultural.  Use it.

The main principle here is as my Senior Pastor tells us all the time, “If you want your people to bleed, you must hemorrhage.”  Leadership is important.  The whole attitude of the group leans on leadership.  It’s a tough task, a tough reality, but a rewarding work.    If you LEAD it, they will come!

Lead with Love,


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