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Spiritual Disciplines

October 5, 2011

Has anyone ever asked you about Spiritual Disciplines?  The first time I was introduced to anything like Spiritual Disciplines was in High School.  Our youth pastor took us through a remarkable book called Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney.  I still have the book and it sits over my desk in my office.  It was a fantastic study, but like most high school students, discipline and I never really met.  Sure I read my Bible (when I had a problem to work through), I prayed (when I needed something from God), I tithed (when I worked some extra hours), I shared the Gospel (when it was convenient), I fasted (when there was nothing good in the cupboard) and I spent time in silence and solitude (when I was sleeping).

Some of you will say that I am being too hard on myself.  Looking back, I am not so sure of that, but that is not what this blog entry is about.  The problem is, I still find myself in the parentheses above from time to time.  I have not been able to get myself out of those.  Although, some of my parenthetical statements have changed slightly including excuses that have to do with work, kids, and a plethora of current events.

I often catch myself actually discouraging myself and if I’m not careful I’ll begin to believe what I am saying 😛  Discouragement is straight from the enemy.  God cannot be the harbinger of discouragement and grace, those two stand at polar opposites.  I would implore each leader out there to not get discouraged.  Yes, there will be days where you don’t match up to your own expectations or your own prescribed growth patterns, but , but, but that is why it’s called a discipline.  Mirriam Webster defines discipline (verb) as “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character”.  You are going to get it wrong, so use those times to get it right.   Please understand that it is not an excuse to get it wrong, rather an opportunity to correct, mold, or perfect.

Leading people takes personal discipline.  Personal discipline takes work, patience, grace and someone to encourage you!  Keep on moving forward.  You can do it with the power of the Holy Spirit.  You don’t have to have it perfect to model it for your groups, Bible studies or ABF’s.

Lead with Love,


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  1. October 6, 2011 4:20 am

    Thanks, Dave, this is helpful! Keep on teaching and encouraging!

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