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Remind People (Titus 3:1-2)

September 6, 2011

Paul tells Titus to remind people (tell them something that they already know) to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient and ready to do what is good. Wow, is that ever the opposite of our culture. Our culture teaches kids to question authority. It teaches them that the highest court in the land is themselves.

We can learn a lot about leadership from these two verses. We have all been in small groups or other situations where the conversation gets out of hand or you have that one person who can’t leave the political arena alone or go through a whole discussion without making a derogatory comment about an opposing political party. We can all do well to remember that Paul lived and breathed under one of the (arguably) worst despots in all history (Nero). Not once in all of his letters do we ever hear anything negative about the government or leadership thereof.

Instead we are to be peaceable and considerate and show true humility toward all men.  This means we as leaders have to remind people from time to time about what really matters (the Gospel v.4-6).  We have to be willing not only to create a discussion, but to direct and lead a discussion.   We need to be willing to remind people lovingly, yet boldly, that we are to submit to the rulers of the land and be ready to do whatever is good.

It’s not easy.  It means we may be stepping outside of a leadership comfort zone.  It means we may be giving up “me” time to do what is good, but in the words of Philip Ryken (President of Wheaton) “That’s really living isn’t it, when Jesus teaches you how to live completely for others.” (Entrusted With The Gospel, p.28).    It is always about others, the more you pour into others and do some shaping the more the Spirit of God will pour into you and shape you.

Lead with Love,


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