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Leadership Made Not-So-Easy

August 18, 2011

Leadership is hard and sometimes it means making hard decisions.  Sometimes it means putting down things you want to do and taking up things you need to do.  Leadership is not convenient.  Service and sacrifice aren’t convenient, they are costly.  I often ask myself, “at what cost am I leading?”  Sometimes I answer honestly, sometimes I can fool myself into thinking I am putting a lot on the line when really I haven’t scratched the surface of the present need.

David in 2 Samuel 24:24 wouldn’t sacrifice anything that had cost him nothing.  So what makes me believe I can sacrifice at no cost, what makes me think I can decide who and when to serve based on my perceived ROI?  “In order to disciple people and see life change happen you have to get up a little earlier and go to bed a little later than most.”-(Dave Early).   God is opposed to earning, but not opposed to effort. (Dallas Willard).

If we really believe these men and what they have to say, what needs to change to make this a reality?  That’s something you and I will have to figure out by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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